"At Murney Associates, we've been assisting people with relocating to and from the area since 1997."
- Daniel Call, Relocation Director

Local Relocation

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Moving to an area you aren't familiar with brings additional challenges to an already stressful event. Our relocation trained agents will provide you with reports and information about local schools, area events, amenities, and more, to ensure the Southwest Missouri area doesn't stay unfamiliar to you for very long.


Our relocation trained agents know that there is extra pressure when a relocation is on the line. Getting the most out of your home while emphasizing the shortest time on market requires strong analysis of the market and where it's headed. Some of the services our staff of relocation professionals can provide include:

  • Assessing your specific needs as a relocating home seller, and how best to meet them.
  • Assigning an area-specific residential relocation sales associate.
  • A follow-up with your sales associate to ensure all relocation selling needs have been adequately met.

Moving from the Southwest Missouri area

When relocating to another state or even country, we have a massive network of agents and brokerages who we've worked with. We'll find you an agent who meets your needs and has a proven track record of sales and strong customer service.

Corporate Relocation

If your job requires you to relocate, we offer corporate home-finding and home marketing services, which enable you to make a smooth transition to the new city. Our Murney Associates Relocation department works with every 3rd party relocation company. If you are relocating, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to explain the relocation process and what your options are. Some of the services we provide include:


  • Assignment to a neighborhood Relocation Specialist sales associate
  • Newcomer Package, School Reports, and Area Information Introduction to local lenders and title companies with a proven track record and reputation (if your employer hasn't already done so)

Home Marketing & Home Inventory

  • Assignment to a neighborhood Relocation Specialist sales associate
  • Broker Market Analysis 90-day Marketing Plan

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